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(sorry ya kali ini saya nulis pake bhs london, krn topik ybs memakai bhs inggris ini)

When you criticize somebody, always make a point on his/her works and never attack their personalities. This is how you hold a healthy debate. Anywhere. At schools, at a political campaign, at a conference, even at a blog although that’s the place you can dump trashes from your brain in one direction. It feels me sick if somebody is attacking other people in a blog, but (s)he does not refer to the content of what the other people wrote.

Actually nobody minds if there is no exposure about such a personal attack blog post. However, in a blog post written supposedly about “blogger Indonesia of a week”, aggregated in blog-indonesia.com and who-knows-other aggregators, instead of reviewing the blogger, the author bashed other anonymous bloggers because they are such a coward not to reveal their true identity. (The author has been actively advocating something about credibility of an anonymous blogger in other posts, but I don’t read them because they are just baseless personal analysis.)

In the media of anonymities you can’t judge the person because (s)he had made a choice to be an anonymous. Do you know who’s the TIME’s 2006 Man of the Year? It’s you, the anonymous person who has shaped the world through anonymous writings, posting, uploads in Wikipedia, YouTube, MySpace and of course millions of blogs. Anonymities have made the great world we are living in.

So here’s my tip: always criticize the content and do not attack a person. In Wikipedia, where I’ve spent almost one year of writings under my other pseudonym, there is a jargon of no personal attacks when dealing with disputes. Discuss the content, not the person. That works very well and has solved a lot of controversial writtings and issues in Wikipedia.

And for onymous writers, sorry, you’re not the man of the year yet. 😉

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